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French Peony Moisturizing Body Lotion (16 oz.)

French Peony Moisturizing Body Lotion (16 oz.)

La Bouquetière

  • $49.00

Deeply hydrating, luxuriously silken and sensually fragrant, French Peony Moisturizing Body Lotion is in a class all of its own. Comprised of an emollient rich base of African Shea Butter, healing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E,  with infused pure French Peony fragrance, French Peony Body Lotion leaves your skin with a youthful, dewy, fresh and supple feel with greater elasticity and sensual softness which will only improve with each application.

This emollient rich base of pure Aloe Vera in combination with the skin softening properties of deeply hydrating African Shea Butter and healing Vitamin E, makes this natural body lotion exceptional. The addition of long-lasting, sophisticated French Peony fragrance is elegant and subtely sweet  After application you can expect 12-18 hours of youthful dewy freshness with greater elasticity, sensual softness and suppleness. 16 ounce pump beautiully packaged.

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