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Lavender Hydrating Face & Body Mist (8 oz.)

Lavender Hydrating Face & Body Mist (8 oz.)

La Bouquetière

  • $42.00

This exceptional, natural face and body mist of pure Anodized Water with a hint of Shea Butter has been formulated to layer under La Bouquetière Natural Body Lotion creating a moist foundation for longer lasting hydration and fragrance.  A beautiful hydrating mist that can also be used alone for light, refreshing, fragrant hydration throughout the day. 

Calming Lavender. A true French Lavender scent, not a "perfumed" scent. Lavender (Lavande) Hydrating Face & Body Mist instantly refreshes and hydrates the skin, leaving a supremely soft, fragrant finish. Suitable for face and body.  8 ounce spray.

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